Should I hold my wedding at a bed and breakfast


Should you hold my wedding at a bed and breakfast Yes, yes, yes and yes!

That’s the only word we can muster because celebrating your wedding at a bed and breakfast – or a small boutique hotel – is such a lovely idea, especially if you’re hosting a small and intimate wedding or, perhaps, wanting a low-key but still romantic wedding reception.

The beauty of a bed and breakfast wedding venue is that not only do they provide a homely feel – and plenty of charm and character but, in most cases, you’ll get some serious customer service because, typically, you’re dealing with the owners of what is, essentially, a small business.

Here are seven great reasons to get married in a bed and breakfast:

Character and charm

Unlike many larger, more modern hotels, bed and breakfasts usually have their own, individual style and charm. They are, often, older buildings, giving them character and a sense of history. It may take you some time to find a bed and breakfast wedding venue with decor that suits your wedding theme or your personal style, but once you have found it, you won’t need to do too much in the way of decoration to make it cosy.

Exclusivity and privacy

Depending on the size of the bed and breakfast of your choice, it shouldn’t be too expensive to reserve the entire building for your wedding, meaning you’ll likely have exclusive use of the reception rooms, the accommodation and the grounds for your wedding party and guests, which is pretty special – and you won’t have to compete with other parties.
Exclusive use of a larger hotel, a historic house or restaurant would probably cost a lot more, if it is even possible.


It should cost less

A countryside bed and breakfast will generally be a lot more cost-effective to hire for your wedding than a purpose-built wedding function centre or a big city hotel.

Bed and breakfasts make their money from accommodation, so as long as all the rooms are booked any other payments you make for use of the reception rooms will be a bonus. The facilities may be a little less modern than a big city wedding function centre, but the intimate and homely atmosphere of the wedding will more than make up for that.

Tailored wedding

A bed and breakfast is unlikely to offer strict standard packages or identical ‘cookie cutter’ weddings. They will be more likely and able to tailor your wedding day to incorporate your ideas, and will be more flexible about what you want to do and when.
If, for example, you are planning a two-day wedding comprising various events over the entire weekend, a bed and breakfast wedding venue could be the perfect choice for your big day.

Flexible catering

Although some bed and breakfast venues do have a restaurant attached, most will be bringing in caterers for your wedding. Some will even let you handle the catering yourself!
This means you aren’t restricted to set menus or a set style of food and may be able to shop around for caterers that will offer the food you love at better prices. They’ll also be able to put you in touch with local caterers whose home-made offerings will only add to the overall homely feel of your intimate bed and breakfast wedding.


If your wedding night dream can only take place in the luxury honeymoon suite of a five-star hotel, a bed a breakfast wedding venue is not for you. However, if you want a cosy and romantic hideaway with your new spouse, a charming bed and breakfast is hard to beat.

Hiring a bed a breakfast venue will mean there is on site accommodation for the two of you, along with your guests and bridal party.

Anniversary destination

Holding your wedding at a bed and breakfast in a favourite location will mean that you and your new spouse will always have a truly memorable place to go back to for anniversaries or special weekend breaks.

Check with your bed and breakfast venue about their wedding anniversary policy as many of them allow you to stay free for your first wedding anniversary!

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