Mirka and Co Events at Torlarno


42 Fitzroy Street, Victoria undefined




The Mirka Room at Torlarno, is a quirky, romantic and electric space set in the heart of St Kilda which first opened in 1965 by arty bohemians Mirka and George Mora.

This unique venue is encapsulated with heritage listed hand painted murals and provides a St Kilda chic feel that will transport your guests to a bygone era on the buzzy Fitzroy Street boulevard.

The Mirka Room pride themselves on their team of event planners who will guide you through every aspect of planning. Whether that's designing a spectacular menu or assisting with finding you the perfect team of professionals in floral design, music and photography to ensure your day is a success from beginning to end. 

A maximum capacity of 70 people with a dance area is available; however, the numbers can be increased without dancing.

With various packages and upgrades available, we are certain that we can create your dream wedding with one of the below packages:

* Winter Cocktail Wedding
* Winter Dinner Wedding (May, June, July and August)
* Cocktail Wedding
* Dinner Wedding

All packages are for a 5 hour duration and can be upgraded with: 

* Sushi Bar
A decadent array of hand-made Maki, Temaki, Uramaki, Sashimi, and Nigiri. 

* Dumpling Bar
Hong Kong style Steamed Dumpling Bar. 

* Seafood Station
On ice freshly Shucked Oysters, Whole Peeled Prawns, Smoked Salmon and Kingfish Ceviche.

* Paella Station
Spanish paella cooked on-site giving amazing aromas for later in the night.

* Ice Cream Stand
Old school ice-cream stand with your choice of home-made varieties including vanilla bean, espressochocolate, rocky road, strawberry, pistachio and choc-mint. 

The team at Mirka recognise the importance of listening to you to understand your vision for your Wedding. We understand that every wedding needs to have its own unique look, feel and flavour bringing together a variety of ingredients to create something truly memorable for your special day. 

No two Weddings are ever the same, so let’s work together to create something spectacular!


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