30 questions to ask your wedding venue

questions to ask your wedding venue

Before signing up with your wedding venue, there are a number of key questions you should seek answers to, from the basics of availability and what’s included in your package, which will apply to every couple, to more specific questions that may only apply to your event, such as are you allowed to throw confetti anywhere on the venue’s grounds and whether there is space that can be used to entertain kids during your wedding reception

Here are 30 questions, split into five categories, that you may want to ask potential wedding venues. You don’t need to ask them all, but ensure you ask the ones that you need answers to before making an informed decision about whether to go with the venue or decline.

Print out a list and be armed with these crucial questions when you inspect any potential wedding venue and don’t be afraid to ask your questions. You’re going to be spending a lot of money with them, so you should have your questions answered. Besides, many wedding venues have been in the business for yours, if not decades, so it’s unlikely you’re going to ask something they haven’t been asked before!

30 questions to ask your wedding venue

General questions for your venue

1. Are you available on your preferred wedding dates
2. Will we have exclusive use of the venue or are other weddings taking place there on the day
3. What are your standard wedding packages and what is included in each
4. What is the maximum capacity for a sit-down dinner or cocktail party, depending on which one you are holding

Questions about your ceremony

5. Are you licensed for civil ceremonies
6. Can you recommend a celebrant for the ceremony
7. Do you allow the throwing of rice or confetti after the ceremony
8. Do you have a designated room for the ceremony or can hold it outside
9. Are there any restrictions on photographing the ceremony

Questions about the catering

10. Do you do the catering in-house or do you use outside suppliers
11. Can we use our own caterers
12. Can we tailor the menu to suit our requirements
13. How do you deal with dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans and guests who are gluten-free
14. Do you offer drinks packages and what is included
15. Can we provide our own wine and champagne and, if so, do you charge corkage
16. Do you offer a pre-wedding menu tasting
17. Will you cut and serve our wedding cake and, if so, will there be a cost
The entertainment
18. Can you recommend bands or DJs that have worked here before

19. Do you have a stage, sound system and dancefloor
20. Are there any noise restrictions If so, what time can the DJ or band play until
21. Do you allow fireworks and other decorations such as candles
22. Can you recommend local acts such as magicians, dancers or comedians

Questions about the accommodation

23. Is there a room where the bride and bridesmaids can get ready before the ceremony
24. Do you offer accommodation at the venue
25. Is there a discount for accommodation for the bride and groom on the night of (or night before) the wedding and can we get one for any wedding guests who may wish to stay at the venue for the wedding
26. Do you have deals with local hotels for wedding guests
27. Is it possible to arrange transport for the guests to local accommodation
28. Do you have a car park large enough for all our guests and is there any charge to use it
29. Is there a room we could use to keep kids busy
30. Can we store wedding presents in a secure room to be collected next day

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