7 tips for personalising your wedding venue


When you find a wonderful venue, be it for a wedding or a 21st, you tend to stick with it – and, often, so do your friends and family. So, if you’re in the situation where you’re holding your wedding reception at a venue that your friends and family know all too well or you’re just wanting to put your stamp on a venue, here are seven ways to help make sure your wedding venue truly reflects your own personal style, not the venue’s standard layouts.

Change the table layout

Venues are experts in their own layouts and know the optimal layouts for their spaces. However, that may not suit you and your style. Perhaps your venue always uses formal round tables of eight but you’re after a different style of layout, don’t be afraid to ask your venue what’s possible They may have a number of possible different layouts as well as smaller tables that lend themselves to the noisy, sociable reception you’re after.

You may need to pay extra for non-standard tables, but if you have the budget, it’s well worth the extra money in order to have the reception you want and, if you don’t have the budget to change the table shape, change the overall layout. That can work wonders for the feel of your wedding reception space.

Find – or create - a new photo location

If you’re holding a wedding where you’ve attended one before – and many of the guests are from the same pool, you don’t want all the background in your wedding photos to be exactly the same as in someone else’s

So, ask your wedding photographer to scout for somewhere different on the grounds or in the wedding venue for your group shots, and if really you can’t find anywhere really special, ask the venue if they can temporarily install a structure such as an archway or flower wall in order to create a unique photo location you won’t see in someone else’s wedding snaps.


Alter the sense of space

The overall look and feel of a wedding reception space can be changed simply by altering what is in it – and what is not.

Suspending items such as chandeliers, paper lanterns or bird cages from the ceiling can lower the focus of the room, while towering table centres can draw the eye upwards.

Altering the lighting by using candles, coloured tables lamps or sparkling fairy lights can change a room’s ambiance. Think about what feeling you’re going for. Large and airy Cosy and intimate Crowded and sociable

Use coloured or patterned fabrics

Hanging fabric is a quick and easy way to give a standard room a new and vibrant look without completely redecorating or having to put up potentially expensive temporary structures.

It also means you hide any features of your venue that you aren’t especially keen on.

Even using brightly coloured table cloths and runners instead of the usual white linen will add unique splashes of colour that will brighten the room and instantly give it a different atmosphere.

Choose a striking theme

If you’ve chosen a definitive theme for your wedding, you can use that to transform your wedding venue spaces.

Suddenly, your rustic centrepieces, your romantic sparkling fairy light-lit backdrop or your cool, sci-fi themed chair covers becomes a focal point for your guests rather than the venue itself.

If items such as your cake are central to your theme, display them proudly in the middle of the reception room.

Pick another season

If the venue in question is usually hired during the Spring because of the beautiful outdoor terrace, think about having a Winter wedding there.

Perhaps you can make use of the roaring fire that is usually full of Spring blooms And photos shot at the winery in Autumn, when the vines are ablaze with colour are going to look very different from your friend’s Spring wedding photos shot amongst those very same vines.

Venues look and feel very different during the various seasons so look for an atypical season for your particular venue.

Add personal touches

You may have grand design plans but it is the little things that your guests will remember most.

Place a few fancy toiletries in the ladies bathroom, add jars of sweets to the tables in the bar area, or ask the venue to use coloured or quirky glasses rather than their standard clear ones.

It’s all these little touches that will help to make your wedding look a little different and, more importantly, feel different so that guests – and you – look back on your wedding day and remember it for the absolutely unique event it was.

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