How to find a child-friendly wedding venue

children at weddings

With so many couples marrying after they have children, it is only natural that the number of weddings involving children is on the rise.

Whether you have 10 flower girls and page boys, 20 nieces and nephews, or simply a lot of children on your guest list, you will want to consider a wedding venue that is child friendly.
What’s a child-friendly wedding venue It’s one where

Here are four questions every couple with lots of kids on their guests list should ask their wedding venue:

Is there space for kids to run around

A wedding is as exciting for a child as it is for an adult, perhaps even more so! After all, it’s not every day you see someone that looks very much like an angel walk down the aisle.

Keeping an over-excited child cooped up inside a big room where there’s no space will, inevitably, lead to tears and tantrums and plenty of mischief, so make sure your venue has plenty of space for the little ones to run around.

Ideally, your venue will have space for children to be able to play outside safely and, if the budget can stretch out, perhaps it even has space for you to hire kid-friendly entertainment such as face painters or a bouncing castle, which is a perfect way for them to burn off all that energy.

Is the venue safe for children

If guests who are parents know they can let their children roam around your wedding venue freely, it will naturally lead to more relaxed parents who can truly enjoy your wedding.

This is only possible if the grounds and reception rooms of your wedding reception are safe for children, so look out for possible dangers such as openings onto a busy road; lakes, ponds or swimming pools; steep staircases or raised stage areas from which they may fall and break something.

If you find a venue that you love, but it isn’t entirely safe for children, see if it’s possible to take temporary measures to change this for your wedding day.

children at your wedding

Does the venue cater for children

Your venue may advertise itself as being child-friendly, but unless they offer such items as high chairs, lower children’s tables and a children’s menu, they probably aren’t as child-friendly as they believe.

Check what facilities are like for children, and if you don’t have children yourself, talk to a friend or relation that does to see what they might need at a wedding.

Some venues offer babysitting or entertainment services for children and, of course, if they don’t, you can always hire a babysitter to take care of all the kids at your wedding.

Is there a room you can use as a crèche or play area

Setting up a mini creche or children’s zone is the perfect way to include children in your wedding, but also give their parents a break during certain parts of the day.

You can provide activities such as colouring books and children’s DVDs in the room, and you could also use it if you hire a children’s entertainer such as a clown, magician or puppet show. Better yet, hire a babysitter who can take care of all your mini wedding guests! Your adult guests will be so grateful for a night off and you won’t have to worry about kids being underfoot throughout your wedding reception.

Later in the day younger children could be put down to sleep in there. If your venue is willing to provide a room but doesn’t offer creche services, you can hire a mobile creche designed for events such as weddings.

The best it is that many wedding venues will throw in a room where kids can be entertained while others will provide an extra kids’ room at a discounted rate.

Unless you are planning a very exclusive, adult-only wedding, children are a charming and energetic addition to your guest list. They bring a sense of innocence and fun to your wedding day, and although they may be noisy or chaotic, they will make the day’s events more spontaneous and unpredictable.

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