Love among the vines: why you should have a winery wedding


For those who truly love a delicious drop of red or white, a winery wedding is an unbeatable and increasingly popular option for their big day.

Aside from the dreamy scenery, which usually includes verdant rows of vines as far as the eye can see, a winery or vineyard wedding is an utterly charming, thoroughly romantic and wonderfully elegant idea and, the best bit You and your guests will get to enjoy the venue’s top drops all day and all night long!

Thankfully, no matter which state you live in, Australia is home to some excellent vineyards and wineries, many of which double as wedding venues.

Here are (just) five reasons to hold your wedding at a winery:

The scenery is unbeatable

If you’ve ever visited a winery – or enjoyed a wedding at one – you’ll know just how stunning they tend to be.

Typically, wineries are located out of town, in the picturesque countryside where there is plenty of space and, usually, in a spot that’s sensationally sunny, so that the grapes can bathe in the Spring and Summer sunshine all season long.

Of course, vineyards shine in Autumn when their grounds are awash with miles of golden leaves. Even in Winter, the rows and rows of naked vines can be equally impressive.


There is no shortage of eye-catching nooks and crannies for your wedding photos and, depending on the age and style of the winery, the buildings are usually full of character and charm, too.

Once you’ve shot your mandatory wedding photos amongst the vines, you can sneak off for a few romantic couple shots in the wine cellars or just a few private moments alone as newlyweds.

food and wine the perfect pair

What goes best with great wine Great food!

Because wine is all about taste and the palate, they’re usually excellent when it comes to food, which is also about taste and the palate.

Most vineyards offer some seriously high-quality and gourmet catering that will take your wedding meal to the next level.

Many will also base their menus around their own wines, which are, of course, served during your wedding reception, something that virtually guarantees a truly sublime dining experience.

Often, guests will experience several mini courses, each of which brings out the best in one style of the house wine. For those who like that sort of thing, it’s a truly unique and memorable – as well as delicious – experience.

Oh, don’t forget the wine…

As mentioned, many of the menus are based around a vineyard venue’s own wine, so, naturally, guests will be treated to a selection of the house’s best drops.

Your wedding theme will be sorted

While vineyards and wineries are flexible wedding venues that can host any sort of themed wedding, they’re actually a whole wedding theme in themselves, especially if you’re after that rustic or country look and feel.

And the theme can be carried throughout your entire wedding day as you can gift guests bottles of the house wine as your bomboniere or wedding favours and some wineries will even offer couples the opportunity to have personalised labels printed.
It’ll offer your guests an entertaining and educational experience


It can be a wonderful experience for guests

Guests, especially those who love new experiences and, certainly those who love a good bottle of wine, will adore the opportunity to visit a winery and, sometimes, see behind the scenes.

Many wineries offer tours and tastings, as well as some pretty stellar photo opportunities, and, if you’re holding your wedding there, they’ll include a tour for wedding guests when you sign up.

You could take the experience to the next level and invite a wine expert from the winery to come and mingle with your guests during the drinks reception, or visit each table during the wedding reception to talk about the wines being served and make some recommendations.

Overall, winery weddings offer a truly memorable experience, not just for the newlyweds, but also for their guests!

One word of warning, however: if you’re thinking about holding a vineyard or winery wedding, ensure guests have access to taxis or nearby accommodation. You don’t want them driving home drunk

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