Planning a bar or nightclub wedding

Image: The Wynn Las Vegas' nightclub offers a swanky option for modern couples wanting to marry in a modern manner Image: The Wynn Las Vegas' nightclub offers a swanky option for modern couples wanting to marry in a modern manner

It may not be the most traditional of wedding venues, but a nightclub (or a bar) can actually be the perfect reception choice for modern couples who really enjoy going out - and dancing the night away, especially if their guest list will be filled with a, largely, younger crowd.

And, believe it or not, there are plenty of fabulously classy – or just utterly cool - nightclubs out there that hold weddings quite regularly. They’re certainly not the dark and, sometimes, seedy establishments you may associate with the whole nightclub scene.

Choosing a nightclub or bar as your reception venue also allows you to be more creative with your wedding planning and gives you more versatility to make more unusual – and fun - choices when it comes to your catering, decorating and, of course, the entertainment.
Catering for a nightclub wedding

Using a contemporary venue like a nightclub allows you to embrace all the latest trends in wedding catering – or foodie trends in general.

Funky appetisers such as sushi rolls served on mirrored boxes or particularly exotic food stations will allow your guests to move around the venue and mingle rather than having to make it through a traditional sit-down meal.

Perhaps you could provide a cocktail bar where guests can mix their own drinks – or provide a bartender who can do it for them. Champagne is the traditional drink choice for weddings, but since you’re holding a bar-based wedding, you could also consider a martini or vodka bar, which takes the theme to a whole new level.

Nightclub weddingDecorations for a nightclub wedding

Holding your wedding at a nightclub doesn’t mean you have to forgo flowers altogether, but modern structured flowers such as orchids, calla lilies, daisies and sunflowers often work better than softer clusters of blooms.
Arrange your flowers in tall vases on plinths for striking, modern arrangements.
A nightclub is also a great venue to experiment with alternative forms of decoration like spectacular light displays or giant ice sculptures.


Seating for a nightclub wedding

Although you’ll want to get your guests up and dancing for most of the reception, you will need to provide somewhere to sit down. After all, they’ll need somewhere to rest their weary feet.

Create seating zones by mixing pairs of comfortable sofas facing each other across low tables, with regular height tables and add one long raised bar with bar stools to replace the traditional top table. Many bars that cater for weddings also include cosy booths, which just add authenticity to the whole nightclub wedding experience.

For a bit of fun, you could create a VIP area for the bridal party but don’t enforce it as you’re bound to offend guests. It’s just for show and to make the most of your very fun wedding theme.

Entertainment for a nightclub wedding

Entertainment for a nightclub wedding

A well known club DJ rather than a wedding specialist playing the traditional wedding songs is a savvy choice for your nightclub wedding – and, of course, your venue will be well equipped to pull off a convincing how.
You should have plenty of space for a live band, if you prefer and you could also hire (tasteful) dancers to provide additional entertainment for your guests.

Also, most nightclub venues don’t have the same noise restrictions as wedding venues located out in the suburbs or residential areas so you’ll be able to party on late into the night – or next morning!
Bridal gown for a nightclub wedding

A nightclub wedding lends itself to some of the cheekier styles of wedding dress, so team a mini skirted baby doll dress with towering stilettos and a cute veil to retain the bridal look.

Keep your bridesmaids look modern with sleek black or white dresses and funky metallic shoes and accessories.

Transport to a nightclub wedding

Imagine you are a celebrity couple arriving at an exclusive club; what would you likely pull up in Any stretch limo is a good choice, but a Hummer adds a contemporary edge or even a cavalcade of black four-wheel drives with tinted windows.

Ensure there’s a red carpet for your arrival and have your photographer waiting in front of the club – with lots of flashes going off - to greet you. If you want to travel with your guests, hire a licensed party bus to start the fun on the way to the venue.

A word of warning, if you’re having children at the wedding, be sure to check if any restrictions are in place for kids at your potential nightclub or bar wedding venue. Some bar and nightclub venues, especially, for example, those located in casinos, may not be able to allow entry to guests under the age of 18.

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