The pros and cons of using a venue’s wedding co-ordinator

The pros and cons of using-a-venue's wedding co-ordinator

An on-site wedding co-ordinator is, often, used as a selling point by wedding venues and they can certainly make planning your wedding much more straightforward.

However, is a venue’s own wedding planner always a good idea Here, we look at the pros and cons of using a wedding planner or wedding co-ordinator provided by your venue, instead of hiring an independent one who you’re paying.

Pros of using a venue's own wedding co-ordinator

The main advantage of using your venue’s wedding planner is their intimate knowledge of your chosen venue and, therefore, what will work - and what won't.

They will know precisely where the lighting is perfect for photos at all times of the day or night - and what style of table arrangement will work for your particular celebration and your specific guest list size and make-up.

A venue-based wedding co-ordinator will help plan your big day based on their experience with the venue, not on guesswork. They'll have seen what has worked with other couples and what hasn't - and won't let you make the same mistakes.

Venue-based wedding co-ordinators will also have an extensive knowledge of local suppliers, but also suppliers from further afield who are experienced at working at their venue and, consequently, can often offer discount to couples marrying there.

They will, likely, have dealt with every eventuality and will also have back-up plans in place if, say, the weather doesn’t turn out as expected or if the ceremony runs over and you have to delay dinner.

Finally, the cost of an on-site wedding co-ordinator will be included in the price of the venue or in the wedding package you have chosen, so you won’t need to set aside an extra budget for a wedding planner.

Should you hire your own wedding planner

Cons of using an on-site wedding co-ordinator

You may find that a wedding co-ordinator attached to a venue is less creative with their wedding arrangements than an independent wedding planner.

It’s not that they’re lazy or any less imaginative, but once they have found a formula that works at their wedding venue, they may recommend that to all couples marrying there and, if your friends or family, have previously been married at the venue – or attended another wedding there, you may end up holding a very similar or, even, an identical, event.

Venue-based wedding co-ordinators may not have the same need to stay current with wedding trends. Of course, that's not always true, but given they know what works and what doesn't and have, generally, optimised their process for events at their venue, they don't have the same need to stay abreast of the latest wedding trends.

They may also use standard suppliers without regularly reviewing their prices so you might not get as good a deal as if you went to the suppliers direct.

If you are selecting an independent wedding planner, you have the chance to talk to a few different people and pick one that you get along with well and that really understands your vision for the wedding day. The venue will, likely, only have one planner and you'll have to work with them whether you like it - or them - or not.

A wedding planner hired by you will be present on your day to ensure everything goes smoothly. This isn't always the case with a venue's wedding co-ordinator who, may, work standard weekly hours. They may organise your wedding, but supervision on the day may go to another staff member.



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