The pros and cons of various wedding venue types

wedding venues

The list of possible wedding venue types is endless and each has its pros and cons. Here is the upside - and downside - of some of the most popular types of wedding venue:

hotel wedding reception

A hotel wedding venue

Aside from, generally, being very elegant and sophisticated, hotels are brilliant choice for your wedding venue because they tend to have processes and procedures perfected.

Not only are they used to accomodating - and catering for - a large number of guests of all types, their staff are, typically, used to working professionally ad quickly and
can, therefore, be flexible and accommodating to a range of client requirements.

An upmarket hotel in the centre of a city is a great wedding venue choice because it will have great access to transport, which is convenient for guests who may not be able
to drive, as well as parking and accommodation on site for guests - and the newlyweds - wanting to stay over.

The possible downsides of having a hotel wedding are that you are unlikely to have exclusive use of the venue. This means that not only will there be other guests floating
around the premises, there may be other functions taking place at the venue. Also, food and drink can be a little pricier and noise restrictions will determine when the party
has to end.

Mansion wedding historic home wedding

A historic mansion

For a whimsical, fairy tale wedding, nothing beats the romance of a gracious historic home or mansion. Often set amongst some pretty stunning scenery, this type of venue

offers the perfect backdrop for wedding photos - and a wedding reception - oozing with character and the periord interior design and accompanying furnishings will, often, add
an air of old world charm and ambiance that you simply won't be able to achieve with temporary decorations.

These grand old homes are a particularly cosy choice for winter weddings as so many boast grand fireplaces and chandeliers which sparkle magically on cold, wintry evenings.
Depending on the facilities at the venue, you may be able to use your own suppliers for catering.

The downside is, usually, distance. Many of these stately old homes are located out of town, so guests will have to arrive by car unless the venue offers accommodation. If
not, many guests will need to stay at a local hotel.

Stately home venues may not be able to cater for as many guests as hotels, and there may be some restrictions on photography, confetti throwing etc. Finally, many historic
homes are subject to various heritage listing provisions, which means they aren't easily upgraded with such mod-cons as air-conditioning or elevators for guests who may not
be able to climb their sweeping staircases.

A marquee wedding

A marquee in the garden

If your perfect wedding takes place outdoors surrounded by blossoming trees and warm winds, a marquee wedding may be the ideal choice. Marquees provide a blank canvas for

your wedding theme, and can be arranged in any way you wish any where you wish as they can be set up most places, be it in your garden or on a beach. You will have more
flexibility with the catering as you won't be tied to a physical venue's offerings. Alcohol, too, will be cheaper as you won't have to pay a venue's fees.

Which brings us to the cons. Spring really is the best time for couples considering a marquee wedding, although they can also work in summer and autumn. But, if it's a winter
wedding you're holding, you'll need to worry about heating which can be costly as can bringing in flooring as a grass.

Whatever the season, you will need to hire everything from the sound system to the toilets and you will have to transport everything to and from the site, so it's best to hire a company that specialises in marquee set-up and take-down.

Beach wedding venue

A tropical beach wedding

For the ultimate casual, fun wedding, a beach - no matter where in the world it may be located - is pretty unbeatable as your wedding venue. You don’t have to spend hours on decorations because the natural beauty of the sea and sand will be enough.

If you don’t live near the beach of your choice, you and your guests can combine a relaxing holiday with the wedding and turn it into a destination wedding, though a local beach will suffice.

As far as cons go, your catering options are more limited on the beach - unless there's a beach-side venue attached. While there are companies that do cater for beach weddings - and bring marquees and generators, you will, most likely, be restricted to an informal picnic or barbeque reception meal. Travelling to the beach, as well

as accommodation when you get there, may prove a little expensive for some of your guests who will need to fork out for accommodation as well and, of course, if the weather is unseasonable, you need to have a back-up plan that invovles shelter!

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