How to save money on your wedding venue

How to save money on your wedding venue
Your wedding venue is, likely, to be the biggest cost in your wedding budget and, though you probably expect it, there are ways to ensure the cost of your wedding reception doesn’t blow out (too much).

Here are seven clever ways to save money when shopping for the perfect wedding venue without compromising on quality:

Consider marrying in the off-peak wedding season

The cost of hiring a wedding venue will always be greatest during the peak wedding months, which will vary depending on where you live, so if you want to get married during this period, expect to pay top dollar per head for anything wedding related, not just your venue. However, if you’re not averse to a cosy winter wedding as an alternative to the ever popular Spring and Summer months, you could save a great deal on your per-head costs.

Take a risk and take a date that’s not in the distant future

Few couples can handle the stress of arranging a last-minute wedding but if you are one of the ones who absolutely can, you could pick up a great discount on your wedding venue. Even in the peak Spring and Summer wedding months some venues just happen to have a free day or, unfortunately, a cancellation and, sometimes, they’ll offer a reduced rate to couples willing to marry on that date, usually at late notice. Whatever the reason, venues will often discount their rates significantly in the weeks leading up to an unexpected free date.

Avoid the traditional Saturday wedding

Saturday is the most popular wedding day for obvious reason: te majority of your guests won’t have to take a day off work and they will have Sunday to recover or travel home. However, booking your wedding mid-week can score you a great deal on your wedding venue, and even Fridays and Sundays usually come with a discount, too. The best bit It’s the same venue, the same staff and the same service, just at a lower cost.

Hold your ceremony and reception at the same location

Using a single venue for your ceremony and reception will generally save you money both in the actual venue hire costs, but also in extra costs such as decorations and transport. Some venues will even waive the ceremony fee if you are spending a certain amount on the reception and, since you have barely any distance to travel between where you’re being married and where you’re celebrating your new marriage, you’ll also save time on a day that’s guaranteed to be go-go-go!

Choose a venue with accommodation

Many wedding venues will offer a complimentary night’s stay in the honeymoon suite to couples spending a certain amount on their wedding reception. You may also be able to negotiate a discount on your venue hire if you can guarantee a certain number of guests will be booking accommodation at the venue as well.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

However you choose to reduce your costs, you will still be spending a significant portion of your wedding budget on your wedding venue, so don’t feel bad about asking for discounts or complimentary extras.

You’ve worked hard to earn the money to pay for it, so it’s only fair you at least try to get the most bang for your buck. Be confident in asking for discounts. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!
Look outside typical wedding venues

Have you considered a wedding venue - that isn't a wedding venue

Just because a venue isn’t labelled a wedding venue, doesn’t mean you can’t hold your wedding there. Consider holding your wedding at your favourite restaurant. It may be able to give you exclusive use for an evening. If there is a particular place you and your spouse have a personal attachment to, see if it would be a suitable venue for your wedding. It may save you money and it will make the day even more special for you.

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