What size wedding venue do I need

What size does my wedding venue need to beJust because you’ve got your heart set on a certain wedding venue, doesn’t mean it’s the one you’ll end up celebrating your wedding in.

Why Because when it comes to wedding venues, size matters!

Before heading off to inspect wedding venues, you must know how many guests you will have, even if only roughly.

That way, you’ll be able to much more easily choose a wedding venue because, depending on how many guests you have, some of your favoured wedding venues may be too small – or too big, even.

What size should my wedding venue be
Here are seven tips for making sure you choose the correct sized venue for your wedding:

1. Always draw up a provisional guest list before you start looking at venues. You may change your mind on a few names but you should be able to get a figure that’s accurate to within twenty or so guests.

2. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to wedding venues so don’t be tempted to book something a lot larger than you need with the idea that you will have plenty of space. Having too few guests in a large venue will reduce the intimacy and atmosphere of your wedding, so look for a venue that can accommodate only a few more guests than you intend to invite.

3. Decide how many different spaces you need within your reception venue. Are you determined to have separate areas for a champagne reception, a wedding breakfast, the dancing or a space for kids to be kept entertained during the reception Is one bar area enough or can one large function room accommodate all these needs

How do I choose the size of my wedding venue
4. Consider the season in which you’re marrying. In Spring, some of your guests are going to want to head out into the sunshine, so you can afford to go with a venue that has less indoor space as your guests can spill outside if need be – or you could have a dancefloor outside. If you are getting married in the Winter, on the other hand, you will need to make sure there is plenty of room for all your guests indoors.

5. Don’t forget to include children if you are inviting them. They may be small but they still take up space. You may need a separate children’s table and to make room for equipment such as high chairs and prams for young babies. You may even consider a separate room that can be used as a play room in which to keep children entertained. This will affect the size and make-up of the venue you finally settle on.

6. What is your vision of a perfect wedding and how does it fit with the size of your venue If you plan a formal sophisticated wedding with large round tables and towering centrepieces, a large function room may be a good option. If you would prefer a cosy, noisy, family-style event then a small, intimate restaurant may be a better choice of wedding venue.

7. What type of entertainment are you having at your wedding reception If you have your heart set on a ten-piece live band, you will, naturally, need to look for a large venue to accommodate them and the glorious sound they will produce. However, if you want a solo saxophonist or have a single DJ, a smaller venue would will suit.

Although you don’t want a venue so large your guests get lost in it, you should always make sure there is slightly more capacity than you need, to ensure your guests are able to move around comfortably and mingle.

Your venue may tell you they can accommodate three hundred for a cocktail reception, but always double check that their facilities such as car parking and toilets are adequate to cater for this number of people.

Finally, when you visit potential wedding venues on an inspection tour, go with your gut – and use your yes! Take the time to imagine the place filled with as many people as you’ll be inviting.

The venue may claim their main function room fits 50 people comfortably, but what do you think Is that 50 people standing up at a cocktail-style wedding reception of 50 people on five tables of 10 with plenty of place for guests to move around with jabbing elbows

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