Tips for decorating your wedding venue

How to decorate any wedding reception venue

No matter how beautiful or elegant or stunning your wedding venue, most couples are going to want to stamp their personality all over it. After all, what’s the point of your wedding looking like every other wedding held at that very venue?

And, that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy – or spend lots of money. Here are six ways you can use decorations to add a little (temporary) pizazz to your wedding reception venue.

Make sure your decorations are the right scale for your wedding venue

Size IS everything when it comes to wedding décor.

Remember that vase of single-stem roses may look stunning in tall vases but they may get lost if placed in the centre of huge round tables sitting in an even huger great hall.

Equally, a gigantic flower arrangements bursting with blooms placed under suspended chandeliers may look a little over the top in a tiny, intimate restaurant setting.

It really is all about scale so, if you are hiring a cavernous venue, ensure your decorations are big enough to make an impact. If you’re hiring a smaller reception venue, make sure the décor isn’t too big.

Choose your colour scheme to suit your venue decor

You may have your heart set on a light and lovely mint green theme that is topped off with coral highlights, but if you have booked an elegant stately home decorated in large swathes of red and gold, it’s going to clash very loudly and very horribly.

So, keep in mind your venue’s décor before finalising your wedding colours.

Thankfully, most venues tend to keep things fairly neutral, which allows couples to pick most any colour palette to decorate with. Similarly, many contemporary or minimalistic wedding venues, too, offer sleek and elegant surfaces in neutral or muted colours.

However, if your wedding venue of choice is highly coloured or decorated, go for muted shades of in your decorations and overall wedding theme.

decorating a wedding venue

Focus only on the key areas of your wedding venue

Realistically, with an unlimited budget, you could fill every nook and cranny with flowers, bunting and chandeliers, however, most couples don’t work with an unlimited styling budgets and, realistically, sometimes, more is less.

Focus on decorating a few key areas in your reception venue well rather than spreading your decorations around the whole venue. This will just reduce their impact.

Stick with highlighting the guests’ tables, as they’re a natural focal point at any event. Other areas to focus on are the head bridal table, the entrance to the room in which the wedding reception will be held and any areas where photographs are going to be taken.

Run your styling ideas past your venue

Even if you feel your style of décor is fairly basic and won’t cause too much fuss, it is always a good idea to check them with your venue to ensure you haven’t missed anything and that what you have in mind is even possible.

Giant candles or flickering tea lights are a popular choice for table centres as they offer a soft, romantic glow that is perfect for the occasion of a wedding, but many venues, especially older ones, don’t allow live candles to be used for safety reasons.

Similarly, if you want to suspend anything from the ceiling such as paper lanterns, chandeliers or bird cages, check with your venue that this is possible. You can’t just go banging nails into walls and ceilings based on your dream décor, so do run your creative ideas past your wedding co-ordinator before picking up nail guns and hammers!

Keep your decorating ideas practical

It’s lovely to allow your imagination to run wild, but please don’t forget the practicalities of decorating your wedding venue.

For example, you may want to bring the outdoors indoors with potted plants galore and topiary trees in every corner, but your guests will still need room to move about without tripping over shrubs. And, while towering centrepieces dripping in flowers and gems can be spectacular, when placed incorrectly, they can actually stop guests from talking to each other across a table.

Similarly, you may dream of a thoroughly romantic wedding reception lit only by hundreds upon hundreds of fairy lights, but if the guests can see what’s going on, who they’re talking with or what they’re eating, well, there’s little point, right?

Draw a little inspiration from the venue itself

Wedding décor isn’t just about flowers, balloons and tea lights. Look to your wedding venue for inspiration.

Perhaps you have hired a sea-front venue? If so, look for decorations incorporating seashells, sand, miniature boats or driftwood.

If your venue is, say, a jazz club, hire vintage saxophones and decorate them with flowers and greenery. If you are holding a garden wedding, fashion your floral arrangements around old fashioned watering cans, flower pots or wooden wheelbarrows.


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