Why you should hold your wedding reception at a hotel

why you should have your wedding reception at a hotel

Although quirky one-off wedding venues or intimate home-based weddings are always a hit, the vast majority of couples still hold their wedding receptions at a wedding venue, usually a hotel – and with good reason, too. They’re elegant, practical and, typically, quite an affordable and convenient option that may just prove to be the best wedding planning decision you make.

Here are seven other advantages to holding a hotel wedding reception:

1) In order to retain their clientele, many of whom are well-travelled and experienced business people with high standards, hotels must be well maintained, stylish and comfortable. Good hotels tend to undergo regular updated and renovations in order to keep them looking attractive so, if you choose a hotel as your wedding venue, you can be sure your wedding will take place in a modern and elegant space that, typically, offers the latest mod cons and styling.

2) Many hotel venues offer standard wedding packages with an overall rate per guest. This makes budgeting a whole lot easier and will ensure that all the basics per guest are covered without you needing to worry about things like linen, coffee or cake-cutting, as well as, often, parking. You can always pay to add any extras you want on top of the hotel’s standard package but if you’re not fussed about extras, hotels offer a one-stop shop option that includes everything you need to pull off your wedding reception.

3) Many hotels offer an on-site wedding planner, or at least a dedicated events co-ordinator who will have a great deal of experience in holding weddings at that venue, so they’ll be able to take a great deal of the stress off your shoulders. They will also have a list of local suppliers, many of whom they’ll have negotiated reduced rates with. They will also be able to tell you what works and what doesn’t at their venue and they will be close by on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

4) Hotel know how to take care of people – and hold events, so they will be able to provide all the facilities you need for a top-class wedding including a bar and lounge area, a dining area and, of course, space for dancing! They should also have clean and well-maintained bathroom facilities and be able to provide extras such as a room in which the bride and bridesmaids can get ready as well as a secure area for gifts and any luggage for the couple’s honeymoon if they’re heading straight off after the reception.

5) Some couples worry that they may need to share a hotel venue with another wedding party but this is only likely to happen in large hotels in peak wedding season. If you choose a smaller hotel, or get married during a quieter period, you should have your venue all to yourself apart from other residents. You may find that sharing isn’t so bad but, frankly, you’ll probably be having so much fun, you won’t even notice - and you may even be able to negotiate a discounted rate if you need to share facilities with another party.

why you should have your wedding reception at a hotel

6) Hotel are able to provide accommodation for you and your guests, so you won’t have to worry about transport after the reception and your guests can also relax and have a drink safe in the knowledge that they won’t need to drive home.

You can also arrange to hold a wedding breakfast or brunch at the hotel the day after your wedding so you get to extend your celebrations by a few more hours without anyone having to drag themselves out of bed to travel. Many hotels will also throw in the use of the honeymoon suite for couples who spend a certain amount on their wedding with them - as well as a morning-after breakfast for the newlyweds - and, frankly, it’s the most convenient option for guests that are out-of-towners.

7) Finally, you may actually find you save money when choosing a hotel as your wedding venue. Not only is everything under one roof, from your ceremony location to your reception rooms and, of course, overnight accommodation, the basic packages mean everything’s taken care of – by someone else – so you don’t have the costs of hiring a separate ceremony location, transport, a caterer, a dancefloor (yes, you often have to pay extra for that) as well as honeymoon accommodation.

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